The Wanderers (Novel)The Wanderers (Novel, 1974)

Bloodbrothers (Novel)Bloodbrothers (Novel, 1976)

Bloodbrothers (Film)Bloodbrothers (Film, 1978)

Ladies' ManLadies’ Man (Novel, 1978)

The Wanderers (Film)The Wanderers (Film, 1979)

The BreaksThe Breaks (Novel, 1983)

The Color of MoneyThe Color of Money (Film, 1986)

Streets of GoldStreets of Gold (Film, 1986)

Bad“Bad” (Short Film, 1987)

"Arena Brains"“Arena Brains” (Short Film, 1987)

New York StoriesNew York Stories (Film, 1989)

Sea of LoveSea of Love (Film, 1989)

ClockersClockers (Novel, 1992)

Night and the CityNight and the City (Film, 1992)

Mad Dog and GloryMad Dog and Glory (Film, 1993)

Kiss of DeathKiss of Death (Film, 1995)

ClockersClockers (Film, 1995)

RansomRansom (Film, 1996)

FreedomlandFreedomland (Novel, 1998)

ShaftShaft (Film, 2000)

SamaritanSamaritan (Novel, 2003)

The WireThe Wire (TV episodes, 2004-2008)

FreedomlandFreedomland (Film, 2006)

Lush LifeLush Life (Novel, 2008)

NYC 22NYC 22 (TV Series, 2012)

The WhitesThe Whites (Novel under Harry Brandt pseudonym, 2015)

The Whites

Child 44 (Film, 2015)

The Night Of (TV Series, 2016-?)

The Deuce (TV Series, 2017-?)

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