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THE DEUCE (TV Series, 2017-2019)

Executive produced/co-executive produced by Richard Price Six episodes written or co-written by Richard Price: S1E2 “Show and Prove” (with George Pelecanos), S1E3 “The Principle Is All” (with David Simon), S1E5 “What Kind of Bad?” (story by Price, teleplay by Will … Continue reading

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THE NIGHT OF (TV Series, 2016)

Executive produced by Richard Price; all episodes written or co-written by Richard Price I’ll avoid spoilers as much as possible in this review, but given the whodunit elements of the The Night Of‘s story, consider watching the show before reading … Continue reading

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INTERVIEW: Richard Price on THE NIGHT OF and More

Richard Price’s latest project is the HBO limited series The Night Of, on which he served as writer and executive producer. The series follows the arrest and trial of a 23-year-old New Yorker (Riz Ahmed) accused of murder, with John Turturro as the … Continue reading

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CHILD 44 (Film, 2015)

Directed by Daniel Espinosa Screenplay by Richard Price, adapted from the novel by Tom Rob Smith In my “Epilogue” post last year, I said that I didn’t want to keep reviewing Richard Price’s work contemporaneously as it was released because … Continue reading

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THE WHITES (Novel, 2015) – Review

My original plan for Priced Out was that I would review everything Richard Price had written prior to the release of his new novel The Whites and then stop, rather than continuing to review his new stuff as it came … Continue reading

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THE WHITES (Novel, 2015)/Epilogue

“I’m a novelist. I’m a good novelist and I’ll get better. I’ve found my calling and if I have my way I’ll be turning out books for the next half-century, books that will blow people away.” –Richard Price, 1976 The … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

As this blog has hopefully demonstrated by now, Richard Price’s body of work is pretty impressively extensive. He’s not a prolific novelist (when The Whites hits shelves on Tuesday it’ll be only the ninth novel he’s put out since he … Continue reading

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NYC 22 (TV Series, 2012)

Created by Richard Price Four episodes written by Richard Price: “Pilot,” “Ransom,” “Self Cleaning Oven” and “Crossing the Rubicon” Richard Price’s relationship with television has always been complicated, even before he worked in the medium himself. His writing style, especially … Continue reading

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LUSH LIFE (Novel, 2008)

Gentrification is a popular topic in American pop culture, but one that’s mainly addressed through cliched caricatures of skinny-jeaned, PBR-swilling hipsters displacing thuggish urban gangstas. So it’s to our benefit that Richard Price, who’s been taking urban America’s pulse since Clockers, … Continue reading

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FREEDOMLAND (Film, 2006)

Directed by Joe Roth Screenplay by Richard Price, adapted from his novel Like Spike Lee’s Clockers, the film version of Richard Price’s 1998 novel Freedomland looks promising on paper: It’s an adaptation of an inherently cinematic crime thriller, scripted by … Continue reading

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