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LUSH LIFE (Novel, 2008)

Gentrification is a popular topic in American pop culture, but one that’s mainly addressed through cliched caricatures of skinny-jeaned, PBR-swilling hipsters displacing thuggish urban gangstas. So it’s to our benefit that Richard Price, who’s been taking urban America’s pulse since Clockers, … Continue reading

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FREEDOMLAND (Film, 2006)

Directed by Joe Roth Screenplay by Richard Price, adapted from his novel Like Spike Lee’s Clockers, the film version of Richard Price’s 1998 novel Freedomland looks promising on paper: It’s an adaptation of an inherently cinematic crime thriller, scripted by … Continue reading

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THE WIRE (TV Episodes, 2004-2008)

Five episodes written by Richard Price: S03E02, “All Due Respect;” S03E08, “Moral Midgetry;” S04E03, “Home Rooms;” S04E08, “Corner Boys;” S05E07, “Took” One of the great things about the HBO crime drama The Wire is that delving into the details of its … Continue reading

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SAMARITAN (Novel, 2003)

Back in my review of Richard Price’s 1978 novel Ladies’ Man I noted that his books can be divided into three phases–one focused on working-class teens coming of age in the Bronx (The Wanderers and Bloodbrothers), one consisting of first-person … Continue reading

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SHAFT (Film, 2000)

Directed by John Singleton Screenplay by Richard Price, John Singleton and Shane Salerno (from the story by John Singleton and Shane Salerno, adapted from the novel by Ernest Tidyman) One aspect of Richard Price’s career that I haven’t talked about … Continue reading

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FREEDOMLAND (Novel, 1998)

Freedomland, Richard Price’s 1998 novel of racial strife packaged as a kidnapping mystery-thriller, seems destined to age into the reputation of being “just as relevant now as it was the day it was published.” When it first came out it … Continue reading

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RANSOM (Film, 1996)

Directed by Ron Howard Screenplay by Richard Price and Alexander Ignon, based on the 1956 screenplay by Cyril Hume and Richard Maibaum At first glance, 1996’s Ransom might seem like a standard Hollywood star vehicle, a predictable action flick featuring … Continue reading

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